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 "I love Siglarr, I am a swim coach around chlorinated water all day. Siglarr keeps my skin moisturized and healthy looking." Iga, Swim Coach

"My name is Tabi Love and I am a professional volleyball player. I have always been an avid sports enthusiast - as well as an avid sweater. Being slightly self-conscious about my sweating, I tried many different deodorants, each promising something different. Whether it was regular deodorant, anti-perspirant, or clinical strength, nothing seemed to make a difference. Instead of embracing my body, I always attempted to use more and more of the products, hoping this would make it go away. After beginning to make some changes towards a more holistic lifestyle, I began reading a lot of literature behind the amount of toxins in our lives and the impacts these can have on our bodies. I quickly came across the website EWG Skin Deep,** and decided to run all of my regular cosmetics through their database. What an awakening! Of all of the products I had been using, the most worrisome of all was my deodorant. There were so many risks with the deodorant I was using!. Since I often practice upwards of 6 hours per day, I often apply deodorant 3-4 times. Upon realizing what I was putting into my body, I immediately went to my local health foods store to find an alternative. This is when I came across Siglarr Viking Naturals. With only five all-natural ingredients (ingredients that I can pronounce and understand) I no longer have to worry about deodorant. The smell is very fresh and long lasting, and I can apply it as many times as I need to without worrying at all about my health. On top of all of this, the product is made locally within Canada, which is an added benefit and another reason to support Siglarr Viking Naturals." Tabi Love, professional volleyball player, Canadian National Women's Volleyball

Curious about EWG Skin Deep? Check out their website  to learn  about what you're putting on your skin!  

"As a physician, I wash my hands countless times in a day and suffer from constantly dry hands. My girlfriend gave me Siglarr to try. I won't lie, I was a bit skeptical but it ended up being the first cream that's actually keep my skin moisturized - I love the cedar smell as well." A. I., Plastic Surgeon 

"I suffer from very very bad dry, flaking and red skin on my face and neck that gets worse in the cold weather. I am very sensitive to shaving, and constantly had really bad flare ups on my face that were unsightly. I tried everything I could think of, including prescription creams. Nothing worked. My daughter gifted me a jar of Siglarr to try. I could not believe how well this stuff worked. I swear by it now. I couldn't believe that the most simple ingredients worked over a bunch of prescription creams! Thank you so much, Siglarr. I'm so happy that my skin is soothed again!"  Tim M., Sales Professional 

"For years I have been trying to find a good moisturizing cream for when my hands and lips get dry after swimming and i have found that many products almost seem to make my skin even more dry after applying it and don't seem to really get to the root of the issue, but instead just cover it up. When I started using Siglarr lavender cream, I found that it not only moisturized, but it also protected against future dryness as well. I love its natural smell, natural ingredients and the fact that it is a family owned business. I would definitely recommend SIGLARR!" Loreena P., Former competitive swimmer, Current Swim Coach

 "At last my search for the perfect hand cream is over!--I have found Siglarr." Sandra, owner, Prana Yoga Studio

"In the fall of 2012, I walked into Nutrition Plus for my regular supplements. I was suffering from red, dry swollen eyes and did not know what I was going to do. I was using an expensive skin care line that I have used for years but their new eye cream was causing a very bad reaction. I saw SIGLARR being demonstrated and asked whether I could put this on the tender area around my eyes. SIGLARR replied " You most definitely can." Ever since, I have been using SIGLARR around my eyes and it really does work! I have no more swollen red eyes and I will never use anything but SIGLARR creme!  Thank you for making your amazing product. My son also had a different reaction around his eyes. I gave him some SIGLARR and he said it worked for him as well. That is so funny because he normally does not take anything from me if it comes from a health store. Thanks again!" Rosemary O.

"We pass Siglarr around the dental office for our dry cracked hands that we have to wash repeatedly, couldn't live without it." Wendy, Dental Hygenist

"I have used every brand of natural deodorant over the years and I'm left with odour by mid afternoon. Siglarr deodorant does not! it keeps me fresh and odour free ALL DAY! It's a winner, I highly recommend it." Joyce S., Professor, University of Manitoba

"I use Siglarr after shaving, it really feels great. Nothing else I've tried works nearly as well, I strongly recommend it." Steve W. 

"I use Siglarr for literally anything that I think I can slather moisture on... lips, hands, legs, face, arms, feet... you name it, I've put Siglarr there. Super makeup remover too... actually gets red lipstick off! Works like a gem. I've also recently picked up the Pink scent- Ylang ylang & geranium. Love it! It smells like fresh cut flowers!" Chelsea, Marketing professional

"I use Siglarr on my legs as a moisturizer. It works wonderfully well for the whole day to keep the tougher dryer skin on my legs protected. Thank you for your excellent product." Christine O'Donnell, Acupuncturist

"I can finally trust the product I am using on my skin. Love the cream on my hands and face. Ingredients speak for themselves and I am so thrilled to use something that is natural." Olia L. 

"Siglarr is the best eye make-up remover. Instead of drying out your skin, it moisturizes and cleans your skin at the same time. Say good-bye to wrinkles!" Jennifer J., Instructor, University of Winnipeg 

"For the past couple of years I have dealt with "hormonal" changes due to stress and one of the symptoms was dry skin. So, I started using Siglarr as my moisturizer. Recently my family spent a month in India. The climate is very different there. I brought Siglarr with me and wore that vs. any additional makeup. Not only did I have compliments ( random strangers), my skin felt great in such a harsh climate. I now bring it with me everywhere I go!" Deb M.

"I am a 52 year old female, and I have been using Siglarr Naturals moisturizing cream for 3 months now, and I am very surprised at how beneficial this product has been. I had tried many types of expensive creams and lotions, and yet my skin was left feeling dry and tight. The artificial fragrances bothered me from most commercial creams, and the "unscented" products had a certain chemical smell that always left me wondering what was really in the products. When I switched to "natural - organic" products, I have often found a greasy film left on my skin, especially facial creams, that would leave a shinny film during the day, and grease up my bed covers at night. Siglar Naturals absorbs right in, fast. It must be the balance of oils and wax that make the whole product an excellent choice! I don't see any reason why I would switch. I have found my cream!" Tina  

"I am a 54 year old man, and I have been using Siglarr Naturals Moisturizing cream mainly on my hands. I am a tradesman, and I often have my hands exposed to conditions which leave them prone to skin challenges: saw dust, handling wood, brick work, cement and concrete installations, commercial dust, etc.  I have a skin condition that was diagnosed, which called for a cortisone product to remedy it. Instead, I tried to go natural, and I have been quite lucky to have found this product. It is extremely absorbent, with no oily film, so I can get right to work. The psoriasis type condition has cleared up, and I have been recently using the same moisturizer on my face, arms, and neck, and lips. I really notice the difference! I like to have a jar of this cream at work, at home, and in the car." Richard

 "I am a 16 year old male, who was given a jar of Siglarr Naturals Moisturizing cream as a gift. I had been using whatever cream was lying around the house, and I have been  bothered by the irritation caused to my skin. For a while, I thought I had skin allergies, but now I see that I am just sensitive to chemical products. Siglarr Naturals is perfect for facial cream, hands and very good for the flare ups from acne that some of us are afflicted with. I also have an irritated spot on my chin caused by violin playing, and after I apply Siglar cream, it settles down nicely. I would recommend this to anyone, of all ages, for all uses." Max

"The Siglarr Deodorant was a gift, and it works well. As a student in high school, faced with Phys. Ed. classes in the middle of the day, I was afraid to try it. I was told of the dangers of commercial deodorants, such as Supermarket brands, so it took a while for me to switch. After a convincing body of evidence against Antiperspirants, I decided to try it. I can honestly say, even under extreme conditions, although I sweat a lot during class, I don't smell badly. So I will trust this product, and perhaps convince some of my friends to try it." Anonymous

"Frankincense Fragrance, was originally my mom's favourite fragrance, she got it for herself, but it is considered by the Siglarr Line to be a male fragrance, so I "borrowed" it, and I use it quite often. I have to say, it is very soothing and refreshing, and it recharges the person wearing it. I like it, especially because it doesn't overpower the whole room with a smell. I don't like smelling a person before they arrive, both good or bad smells. Most people are sensitive to cologne, and there are many "fragrance free zones" everywhere you go, so Siglarr Fragrances can safely go under radar for those times. There are 7 nice fragrances, but I like #7 the best." Anonymous

*Some comments may have been edited for length and/or clarity

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