Welcome to Siglarr Viking Naturals! We are family-owned and operated, and proudly Canadian. Siglarr creams started when our four kids were swimming competitively. Harsh chlorinated water + cold Manitoba winters do not mix well for your skin. We needed a solution for their dry skin after daily swim practice, thus our first cream, Siglarr lavender was born!

 Once we started mixing our own blends we found that fewer organic, natural ingredients worked best! As our family grew so did our line. We stand behind our promise of high quality, ethically sourced, small batch, handmade products. 

Siglarr is always human-tested only and cruelty free. For those of you who prefer not to use products with beeswax, our new body butter is completely vegan. We do, however, ensure that we use an ethical beeswax supplier. Bees are our friends!

We carry moisturizers that work all over the body, some specifically for the face, eye makeup remover even for your beard if you have one. Our aluminum-free deodorants will keep you feeling fresh all day long, and we’ve recently added a vegan body butter that smells divine. Don't forget to check out pomace products as well, upcycled grape seeds and skins from a local organic vineyard infused in a base of high quality oils as vegan as the owners of the vineyard!

Stay tuned for new products coming soon – we’re always working on new ides!

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