Welcome to Siglarr Viking Naturals! We are family-owned and operated, and made in Canada. Siglarr creams started when our four kids were swimming competitively. Harsh chlorine water + cold Manitoba climates do not mix. Let us tell you… four kids with itchy reptile skin is not fun for the whole family.

After trying what felt like a million mystery ingredient creams that didn’t work, we got to mixin’ up our own blends. You know what they say – necessity is the mother of invention! A bit of trial and error plus a less is more mentality got us to our first Siglarr blend- Lavender. Four ingredients, no more cranky reptile kids…parental bliss.

We got to sharing our products with others and learned that it worked as a fantastic all around moisturizer, as well as cream for tougher skin problems. We are constantly exploring different blends and ingredients to keep growing our product line. There are so many natural ingredients to try! 

Siglarr is always human-tested only and cruelty free. For those of you who prefer not to use products with beeswax, our new body butter is completely vegan. We do, however, ensure that we use an ethical beeswax supplier. Bees are our friends!

We carry moisturizers that work all over the body, or if you’ve got some areas that need extra attention. Our aluminum-free deodorants will keep you feelin’ jazzy all day long, and we’ve recently added a vegan body butter that smells like heaven.

Stay tuned for new products coming soon – we’re working on somethin’ snazzy for your face skin!

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