Siglarr is committed to keeping things simple, because worrying about what’s going on your skin really shouldn’t be something to worry about. For this reason, we keep our ingredient lists short and uncomplicated so you know exactly what’s going on yours and your family’s skin. Life is complicated enough; let’s keep skincare out of that category.


We already worry about the environment affects our skin – hellooo Canadian winters – why worry about the concoction of ingredients in so many products? We’ve scaled back on ingredients and kept it all organic, natural, and handmade. Everything we use, you can find in nature. Maybe that’s why it protects so well against the elements… we’re not saying that’s for sure… but. You know.

Let’s quit worrying about dry skin and mystery ingredients, and get out there and enjoy life. We’re not interested in braving the elements; we prefer to defy them. See ya later, dry skin.

Siglarr is always committed to using the best ingredients, and using as few of them as we can. The few ingredients we do use are organic where possible, all natural and of the best quality we can find.

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