Siglarr Viking Naturals Moisturizing Cream.............."It's the all you need, all over, all purpose cream."

Siglarr Moisturizing Cream is 100% natural, made with only four ingredients: extra virgin organic coconut oil,  extra virgin olive oil, pure beeswax and organic lavender oil. It is excellent for all skin types, used all over the body and face.... and as a bonus around the eyes as an eye make-up remover.

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Siglarr Viking Naturals.........

Was initially developed for our four children involved in competitive swimming, the harsh water 4-6 times/week on their skin required protection from the water and healing properties for dry skin without added chemicals often found in commercial creams. Upon many years of testing on our family, friends and neighbors it was discovered that Siglarr is excellent for the entire body ,face and as an extra bonus around the eyes to remove eye make-up!  The high quality oils used in Siglarr act as a barrier to water, seal in the skin's natural moisture and leave the skin feeling soft and young looking!  

One cream. Viking natural.  It's all you need.