Regular SIGLARR DEODORANT comes in two scents OR for those of you with sensitive pits we've got a mild version for sensitive skin, read on......

Orchard fruit: Soft and fruity fresh

Woodland:  Hint of cedarwood

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Siglarr Deodorant keeps you feeling fresh and confident for up to 24 hours. We know... you don't need deodorant for confidence, but smelling great doesn't hurt, does it? We've tested this on teenagers, workouts, and dancing all night long (never animals). Coconut oil is anti-bacterial and helps to moisturize,  arrowroot powder absorbs wetness, baking soda neutralizes odour and the essential oils also eliminate odour and help you smell great!

Just a reminder - Siglarr deodorant will react differently to everyone. Don't use right after shaving your pits if you have sensitive skin!

Siglarr DOES NOT use aluminum zirconium ( used in most anti-perspirants) which causes skin cells to swell and pinch your sweat glands closed. Siglarr is a deodorant NOT and antiperspirant.

Ingredients: Extra  virgin  organic coconut oil, organic arrowroot powder (helps to soak up moisture while you sweat it out), aluminum-free baking soda (controls odor), pure ethical beeswax (won't clog pores!), organic essential oils (more smell power!)

 Give yourself a couple of weeks for the body to adjust to this product if you're switching from     conventional deodorant

 DEODORANT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN   Of course we have to give baking soda credit where credit is due. Its an amazing natural product and deodorizer in our original formula. The thing is baking soda is alkaline, and for some people at certain times it can throw off their ph balance in turn causing skin sensitivities. This is why for our friends with sensitive skin, we have created a new deodorant in which baking soda is replaced with food grade diatomaceous earth. ( what is that you say??) Food grade diatomaceous earth carries many negative ionic charges is rich in silica and assists in detoxification of the body. When we sweat the body is naturally ridding itself of toxins. This means we should never be using a deodorant that blocks or clogs pores with harmful chemicals! Diatomaceous Earth helps to assist the underarms in neutralizing odours and absorbing moisture. This ingredient also works to draw out any toxins and heavy metals from the body.

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