Lets Fly Away Travel Bags are flight approved and contain a sampling of four of our beautiful products. One 5ml pomace scrub, one 5ml under eye cream, one 4.5ml lip balm and] a 100% cotton facecloth. All of these individual products and ingredients are listed on the website. Of course only the best organic ingredients are used. Keeping you fresh all the way pack your things let's fly away!


All seven chakra blends made with organic essential oils in fractionated coconut oil. Each chakra comes in a 10ml roll on bottle. Complex layered oils all therapeutic and soothing for the heart and soul. Check out our online store for prices and details!

Yoga Mat Wash! Keep your yoga Mat spelling fresh and clean after every class! Each spray bottle has anti bacterial essential oils in witch hazel we added a little lavender for your shavasana as well! Comes in 30ml spray bottle. Check out our online store for prices and details!