Both of our products are 100% natural and vegan. Both are handcrafted sustainably and environmentally friendly.

We use the pomace (grape seeds, stems and skins from the Beaufort Vineyard grapes, and hand process and infuse them in our products).

By using the grape pomace we're helping to reduce waste! Pomace is difficult to compost ( it can be done) but why not take a bi-product and turn it into something beautiful? Microbeads are sooned to be banned in Canada ( tiny plastic beads that are destroying our oceans), they are in most commercial body scrubs. Siglarr uses the pomace in place of these nasty beads in our body scrub. Its a win win product from vineyard to your skin;)

POMACE: High in phenolic contents beneficial for sun damaged skin.  Contains anthocyanin and  polyphenols which both help to fight free radicals, also an antioxidant, anti inflammatory as well as high in Vitamin C & E. High in anti bacterial properties, beneficial for the skin as well the shelf life of the product.

COCOA BUTTER; High in oleic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid helps to neutralize free radicals in the skin. ( shelf life of 2 - 4 years)

COCONUT OIL: Medium chain fatty acid which contains antibacterial and anti fungal  properties, high in vitamin E for healthy skin growth. ( shelf life of 5 years)

OLIVE OIL : Antioxidant protection, high in vitamin E, enhances exfoliation

      SEA SALTS:  Contains magnesium, calcium and sodium potassium all of which play a key role in our        skin’s health and cellular communication.

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